Female Disciplinarian Mistress Cambrie

Female disciplinarian spanking phone sex with femdom Mistress CambrieI’m Mistress Cambrie, a female disciplinarian who demands obedience and respect from my men and I know how to make sure I get it. I believe men are happiest when they’re under the control of a woman who can be both firm and fair. And there are few things that keep a man in line better than a good, hard otk spanking.

It’s hard to have a cocky attitude when you’re standing in front of me with your pants down around your ankles, watching me tap my big heavy hairbrush against my palm as you wait for the bottom blistering you so richly deserve. Even harder to have a cocky attitude when you’re over my lap, squirming and flinching, as I set your backside on fire with my hairbrush. And no matter how much you kick and plead, you’ll stay over my lap until this female disciplinarian is sure that you’ve learned your lesson. Believe me, young man, you won’t be sitting comfortably for several days!

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Femdom Spanking Phone Sex and Domestic Discipline Fantasies

If the thought of femdom spanking excites you, our spanking phone sex site is for you.

Do you fantasize about being a naughty boy who has to report to a stern female disciplinarian for an old fashioned bare bottom spanking? Or maybe an errant husband, married to a woman who’s a firm believer in domestic discipline and doesn’t hesitate to put you over her lap and blister your backside. Or maybe you imagine being caught misbehaving at work by your female boss — or your smirking secretary —- and now face the choice of either bending over your desk for an embarrassing spanking or losing your job.

We enjoy all types of spanking, domestic discipline and corporal punishment role play. Whatever your spanking fantasy, you can experience it with one of our spanking phone sex Mistresses.

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